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The Client Portal Blueprint

Are you a WordPress freelancer or agency looking for high-value products to offer clients?

I’m running a FREE MeetUp series to show you how to build basic Client Portals to service your clients. The best part is, you can package & sell Client Portals to clients.

Stop dealing with Slack, Jira, and whatever project management tool. Centralize the client experience in the software you know & love – WordPress.

What will I learn?

What’s in the Client Portal Blueprint?

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01. Perfect Portal Start

Week 01: January 4

Portals are hard because you can’t just revert to backup. Learn to configure environments on popular managed hosts. You’ll get a complete workflow to iterate without disturbing your clients.


02. Ideal WordPress Setup

Week 02: January 11

Configure a WordPress site with a clean admin & UI your clients will love. You’ll learn to use permissions & capabilities to limit client access to only their portal page & assets.


03. Support Workflows

Week 03: January 18

Integrate chat, forms, and more so your client never feels like they can’t get in touch. We’ll also reviejw basic analytics & automation to ensure top notch support.

Want to learn more? Check out Client Portal Blueprint Advanced.

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