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Are you a WordPress freelancer or agency looking for high-value products to offer clients?

I’m creating a one-stop resource to provide all the training and support you need to build, support, & sell client portals with WordPress.

Most WordPress courses teach a business model or technical implementation. These courses currently sell for $1,000 or more. This is a first-of-a-kind course with both technical & business training!

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What’s in the blueprint?

What’s in the Client Portal Blueprint?

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04. Custom User Roles

Week 04: January 25

Learn how to create custom user roles to control client workflows making sure your devs, clients, & project managers only see what they need – nothing else.

05. User Registration

Week 05: February 1

Get clients to register & create a custom onboarding experience that informs & delights. Then automate it!

06. Portal Branding

Week 06: February 8

Your portal needs to be on brand. We’ll cover that. We’ll also cover using WordPress actions & hooks to populate dynamic messages & upsells that even marketing adverse people will enjoy.

07. Notification Systems

Week 07: February 15

Use e-mail, slack, or SMS to keep your client informed. We will create custom notification templates and set up logging so your client can never “miss” a message again.

08. ProjectHuddle Integration

Week 08: February 21

I’ll show you why most internal feedback systems fail, how to time block your clients to avoid extra feedback rounds, and how to integrate with the project management tool of your choice.

09. Portal Analytics

Week 09: February 28

I build analytics systems with software that costs $100k per year. I’m going to show you how to track client portal users & leverage that data to grow your business. This unlimited install plug-in only costs $500 annually.


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