Ultimate Client Feedback: ProjectHuddle, Google Sheets, Jira Sync

Do you love gathering client feedback? Probably not.

You’re collecting client feedback via email, forms, or some other project management tool. The client always forget the URL, image, or another important item for feedback.

Maybe you tried TrackDuck, ProjectHuddle, Atarim, or any other number of visual feedback tools. You know getting the client to use “another thing” was too much.

I am going to give you the best of both worlds.

Google Sheet for Client Feedback
Google Sheet with custom script for ProjectHuddle Jira Sync

I’ve created a Google Sheet with a custom script that lets our Jira project sync with ProjectHuddle.

Clients comment & discuss via ProjectHuddle. Developers execute & discuss separately in Jira.

We also automatically collect URL, screenshot, browser data, & more automatically.

If you join the Client Portal Blueprint, I’ll show you how to build this in less than 2 hours.

Check out the Google Sheet below with some sample tasks (unfortunately you can’t play with it because you need your own API keys!).